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Programs and terms

Part of Industrivärden’s financing is conducted through the issuance of commercial paper and bonds. 

Bond program

Industrivärden has established an MTN program for issuance of bonds in the Swedish capital market with a framework amount of SEK 10,000 mn. The base prospectus for the MTN program has been approved and registered by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. On March 31, 2024, SEK 7,000 mn was outstanding under the program. For information on the base prospectus and the final terms for the respective loans, see the information below.

Commercial paper

Industrivärden’s short-term borrowing program consists of a Swedish commercial paper program with a framework amount of SEK 4,000 mn. On March 31, 2024, SEK  1,000 mn was outstanding under the program. For further information about the program, see the information brochure below.

Please note that these documents are only available in Swedish.

Document Published
Grundprospekt MTN 2023 06/01/2023
Informationsbroschyr företagscertifikat 05/17/2021
Villkor Lån 173 02/14/2023
Villkor Lån 172 02/14/2023
Villkor Lån 171 02/14/2023
Villkor Lån 170 08/26/2022
Villkor Lån 169 08/26/2022
Villkor Lån 168 02/22/2022
Villkor Lån 167 02/22/2022
Villkor Lån 165 02/18/2021
Villkor Lån 163 02/19/2020


Last update: Apr 8, 2024