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Equity ownership

Employee ownership

Industrivärden encourages its employees to make personal investments in Industrivärden shares, as this aligns the interests of the Company’s employees with other shareholders. The long-term incentive programs adopted by the Annual General Meeting make up part of the employees’ total compensation and also aim to increase employees’ ownership of shares in the Company.

Long-term incentive programs

The incentive programs are part of a competitive total compensation package in which the employee has the opportunity to receive matching shares and performance shares after three years, subject to investment of part of the employee’s base salary in Industrivärden shares. The program aims to encourage Industrivärden’s employees to increase their ownership of shares in the Company and thereby further emphasize long-term shareholder value. The incentive program is expected to increase Industrivärden’s opportunities to recruit and retain competent employees as well as the participants’ interest in and commitment to Industrivärden’s business and development. Against this background, the program is judged to have a positive impact on Industrivärden’s continued development and thereby be beneficial for both the shareholders and Industrivärden’s employees.

The 2023 Annual General Meeting decided to offer a long-term incentive program for a total of no more than 20 employees within the Industrivärden Group.

A description of outstanding incentive programs can be found in Note 8 in Industrivärden's Annual Report 2023

Last update: Mar 15, 2024