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Own operations

Industrivärden shall serve as a model and work with a clear sustainability focus both in its own operations and in the portfolio companies. Proactive sustainability work shall be an integral part of the daily activities that are conducted by approximately 15 employees at the office in Stockholm. The CEO has overarching responsibility for Industrivärden’s sustainability work, and the Head of Sustainability has functional responsibility for internal collaboration and external communication on sustainability issues. Team managers are responsible for the integrated sustainability analysis in the respective portfolio companies.

Industrivärden's employees

Industrivärden shall be a workplace in which the employees enjoy their work, feel good and can develop. Toward this end, evaluations are continuously conducted of performance and development opportunities for all employees. In addition, a continuous dialog is conducted on matters related to the workplace, forms of cooperation and personal development. All employees have undergone training in the Company’s view of value creation and how set goals are to be implemented. This includes set policies for the environment and climate, diversity and gender equality, anti-corruption and the Code of Conduct. Industrivärden believes that better results are achieved at a workplace characterized by gender equality and diversity.

Environmental and carbon footprinting work

Even though Industrivärden’s organization is small, the Company shall serve as a good example by minimizing its own environmental impact and carbon footprint. Industrivärden has an ambition to reduce its own footprint over time and compensates for its actual greenhouse gas emissions through offsets. To be able to monitor and compare the Company’s carbon footprint, Industrivärden has been conducting carbon footprint reporting since 2010 within the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) framework. Greenhouse gas emissions for 2019 have been calculated using the market-based method of the GHG Protocol and are shown in the GRI-Index.

Sustainability goals and activities: own operations

Financial results

Favorable financial performance and financial strength are necessary prerequisites for Industrivärden to be able to create long-term value for its shareholders and pursue its strategy of supporting the portfolio companies over time. During the last three-, five- and ten-year periods, Industrivärden’s stock has generated a higher total return than the Stockholm Stock Exchange. The financial position has strengthened. During 2019 Industrivärden’s net asset value grew from SEK 85.2 billion to SEK 112.7 billion at year-end. Industrivärden’s Class A and C shares generated total returns of 30% including reinvested dividend.

Last update: 04 Mar 2020