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Handelsbanken is one of the world’s strongest banks with the ambition to provide the best banking offering in financing, savings and advice in Sweden, Norway, the UK and the Netherlands. A high degree of customer satisfaction enables strong business development and profitable growth at low risk.

Handelsbanken’s business model is based on a clear risk and sustainability perspective. Local presence and a decentralized approach enable a focus on customer value and long-term customer relationships based on trust. The bank’s core customers include private individuals, property companies and small businesses. Operations are conducted with long-term stable finances, high profitability, sustainable corporate responsibility, low risk tolerance and low costs.

Active owner position since 1980.

Growth in value, Handelsbanken's stock

CEO: Michael Green
Chairman: Pär Boman

Nominating committee representative: Helena Stjernholm
Board members with ties to Industrivärden: Pär Boman and Fredrik Lundberg


Last update: Mar 20, 2024