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Development steps 2023

Further development of Industrivärden’s sustainability analysis

With a base in Industrivärden’s integrated sustainability analysis framework, during the period 2020–2022 a more extensive review was conducted of the portfolio companies’ sustainability work, which has increased Industrivärden’s competence in sustainability issues. This analysis has been developed and expanded with respect to its scope as well as to the number of meetings held with representatives of the portfolio companies. Influencing activities are conducted within the framework of active ownership.

Comprehensive upgrade of Industrivärden’s sustainability report

During 2022, Industrivärden’s sustainability reporting was further developed with respect to both its extent and level of detail. Adaptations have been made to relevant reporting frameworks as well as to stakeholder dialogues. Particular focus has been put on sustainability risks and on the Company’s TCFD reporting.

Thematic reviews

Industrivärden continuously conducts reviews of central areas of influence such as electrification, digitalization, etc. During 2022 a review was conducted of material EU legislation that affects the portfolio companies.


Last update: Mar 12, 2024