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Industrivärden at a glance

Industrivärden is a long-term asset manager with a concentrated portfolio of listed Swedish companies with good value potential. Shareholder value is created through a professional investment operation and active ownership aimed at contributing to the portfolio companies’ operational and strategic development and long-term value creation.

The business model is based on Industrivärden’s relative strengths, including a long-term investment perspective, strong positions of influence, a well-developed ownership model, depth of industrial knowledge and experience, financial strength and an extensive network. Industrivärden’s influence in its portfolio companies is based on sizable ownership positions and extensive reputation capital.

In its ownership role Industrivärden strives to contribute to the portfolio companies’ work on establishing and strengthening leading positions in their respective industries over time. Strong emphasis is put on clear leadership, focus and flexibility. Active ownership is exercised mainly through involvement in nominating committee work, board representation and continuous evaluation of the companies and their boards, CEOs and company managements. The various measures that are considered to enhance shareholder value are defined in Industrivärden’s action plan, which serves as the foundation of the Company’s influence work.

The long-term objective is to increase net asset value and thereby generate a total return for Industrivärden’s shareholders which over time is higher than the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s total return index (SIXRX). The equities portfolio includes investments in Sandvik, Volvo, Handelsbanken, Essity, Ericsson, SCA, Skanska and SSAB. These assets are judged to have long-term attractive return potential with balanced risk.

Many companies today are encountering an increasingly complex business environment, growing competition and formidable challenges. This pertains to everything from shifting macroeconomic conditions in their geographic markets to threats and opportunities born out of tumultuous and tightly interwoven megatrends. This development is creating growing opportunities for engaged and knowledgeable owners that have a keen understanding of their portfolio companies and the world around them. Having active owners that can set clear demands and be challenging – but also support their portfolio companies – is therefore a distinct competitive advantage that benefits both our portfolio companies and us as asset manager. This is where our position of strength lies, with a professional organization and proven capacity to deliver favorable returns. It is our ambition to further develop this position.

Industrivärden as an investment

High quality equities portfolio

Exposure to a concentrated portfolio of quality companies with good value potential through leading positions in their respective industries.

Active ownership

With a foundation in strong positions of influence and substantial knowledge about the portfolio companies and the environments they work in, Industrivärden makes an active contribution in their operational and strategic development by evaluating, making demands, influencing and providing support.

Long-term and sustainable perspective

Industrivärden’s long-term ownership perspective entails a natural focus on sustainable development and long-term value creating measures in the portfolio companies.


Competitive return

Industrivärden’s stock has generated a competitive return over both the medium and long terms.


Low management cost

Industrivärden offers professional asset management at a low cost.

Industrivärden’s stock is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s Large Cap list (Nasdaq OMX Nordic Stockholm). During the last three-, five- and ten-year periods, Industrivärden’s stock has generated higher returns than the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Value performance

Annual average change per June 30, 2020

    Total return

Net Asset Value*

Industrivärden C

Index (SIXRX)





1 year




3 years




5 years




7 years




10 years




* Including reinvested dividend

Last update: 09 Mar 2020