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Alleima is a developer, manufacturer and supplier of high value added products in advances stainless steels and special alloys as well as products for industrial heating.

Alleimas business model is based on close and long-term customer partnerships where the Company develop processes and applications in the most demanding industries through materials that are lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant and able to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures. The Company’s offering and in-depth expertise in materials technology, metallurgy and industrial processes enables its customers to become more efficient, profitable, safe and sustainable.

Alleima was listed on the stock exchange on 31 August 2022 as a result of Sandvik's shareholders deciding to separate and distribute Sandvik Materials Technologies' operations to its shareholders.

Active owner position since 2022.


Growth in value, Alleima's stock


CEO: Göran Björkman
Chairman: Andreas Nordbrandt

Nominating committee representative: Fredrik Lundberg
Board member with ties to Industrivärden: Karl Åberg


Last update: Jun 15, 2023