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The Annual General Meeting appoints the Company’s auditor yearly. The auditor audits the annual report, the bookkeeping and the Board’s and CEO’s administration of the Company. The auditor reports to the Annual General Meeting.

At the 2022 AGM, Deloitte AB was re-elected as auditor for a term lasting through the 2023 AGM. The chief auditor is Hans Warén (born 1964), Authorized Public Accountant, who has been active as an auditor since 1987. In addition to his assignment for Industrivärden, in 2021 Hans Warén was chief auditor for the listed companies Axfood, SKF and Trelleborg, among others.

In 2021 the Company’s auditor reviewed the halfyear report and the year-end report and audited the annual report, the consolidated financial statements and ESEF report. The auditor has submitted written as well as oral reports to the Audit Committee and the Board. 

Last update: Mar 22, 2023