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  • Net asset value at year-end was SEK 293 per share, a decrease of 10% for the year including reinvested dividend
  • The portfolio’s value, adjusted for purchases and sales, decreased by SEK 19.3 billion to SEK 133.8 billion. The total return was –9%
  • Alleima became a new portfolio company as a result of Sandvik’s dividend of the company to its shareholders
  • During the year, shares were purchased for a total of SEK 2 billion, of which SEK 1.3 billion in Volvo, SEK 0.7 billion in Alleima, SEK 0.5 billion in Sandvik, SEK 0.4 billion in Handelsbanken, SEK 0.2 billion in Essity, and SEK 0.2 billion in Skanska
  • The debt-equities ratio was 5%
  • The total return was –10% for the Class A shares and –9% for the Class C shares
  • The Board of Directors proposes an increase in the dividend to SEK 7.25 per share (6.75)

Key data in December 31


Last update: Jun 15, 2023