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Corporate governance structure

Industrivärden is a Swedish, public limited liability company that is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Corporate governance at Industrivärden is based on external rules and regulations such as the Swedish Companies Act, applicable EU regulations, the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”) and the Nasdaq Nordic Main Market Rulebook for Issuers of Shares. These frameworks are complemented by internal governance documents such as the Articles of Association, the Rules of Procedure for the Board of Directors and board committees, the instructions for the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and policies and guidelines for the Company’s operations and organization.

The corporate governance structure emanates from the shareholders, who exercise their influence at general meetings, such as by appointing a board of directors and auditor. The Board of Directors appoints the CEO. The CEO leads the Company’s continuing operations in accordance with the Board’s guidelines. The auditor audits the annual report and oversees the Board’s and CEO’s administration. The Nominating Committee, which is appointed in the manner decided by a general meeting of shareholders, is tasked with, among other things, recommending board members, the Chairman of the Board and the auditor for election at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). For more information on the Code and the Swedish corporate governance model, visit www.bolagsstyrning.se.


Last update: May 24, 2024