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Cookies are textfiles with information that are stored on your computer, telephone or other device when you visit a website. The purpose is to give information to the owner of the website and to optimize the user’s experience of the website. 

Industrivärden’s website (www.industrivarden.se) uses the following cookies:

  • A transient cookie (also called a session cookie). These are used for communication between the server and the web browser. The cookie is stored temporarily in your computer’s internal memory during the time you are visiting the website, and it disappears when you close your browser.
  • Two permanent cookies that are stored in your computer for a longer period of time and are reused for repeated visits to the website. The website uses the cookies to keep track of whether you have elected to hide the information about cookies that is displayed at the top of the pages, and to collect visit statistics via Google Analytics and by doing so your IP-number will be saved. Visit statistics is an important tool for us to develop the website. By analyzing how you as visitor use the website we may continuously improve the website for our visitors. 
  • A Google NID cookie is used by the e-mail subscription order form; Subscription by e-mail (http://www.industrivarden.se/en-GB/Financial-information/Subscription/Subscription-by-email/). These cookies are required to enable our subcontractors to handle our subscription register in a smooth way.

You can change the settings on your browser at any time so that it does not accept cookies or to notify you as the user as soon as a cookie is sent to your computer. You can also choose to delete all cookies that have been stored on your computer. To remove stored cookies or change your settings for cookies, see the instructions in your browser or the help instructions that are provided in most browsers. If you choose to block the cookies used on our website, it may affect your experience on our website. For example, certain functions may not work. 

Last update: Jul 6, 2020