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Ericsson is a global telecommunications company that provides communication infrastructure and related services and software to the telecom industry and other sectors. The company is a technological leader in 5G, the fifth generation of mobile networks.

Ericsson’s business model is to work from a base of telecom related products and services to deliver value added to customers, continuously develop its offering with focus on customers’ priorities in the key areas; new revenue streams, end customer experiences, and climate and efficiency improvements. This work is based on Ericsson’s strengths: technology leadership, cost efficiency, data driven operations, global scale and global expertise. These factors have given Ericsson a strong position in technology and services driven by investments in research and development, which have given the company a strong patent portfolio.

Active owner position since 1944.

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Growth in value, Ericsson's stock

ericsson growth chart

CEO: Börje Ekholm
Chairman: Ronnie Leten

Nominating committee representative: Karl Åberg
Board member with ties to Industrivärden: Helena Stjernholm

Last update: Oct 6, 2023