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Ericsson is a global IT and communications technology company that provides infrastructure and related services and software to the telecom industry and other sectors. The company is a technological leader in mobile networks.

Ericsson’s business model is to work from a base of telecom-related products and services to deliver added value to customers, continuously develop its offering with focus on customers’ priorities in the following key areas: new revenue streams, end-customer experiences, and climate and efficiency improvements. This work is based on Ericsson’s core strengths: technology leadership, focused research, cost efficiency, global economies of scale and global expertise. Ericsson strives to leverage its leadership in mobile networks to drive focused expansion in the enterprise market, lead the industry through critical innovations and seize strategic business opportunities.

Active owner position since 1944.

Growth in value, Ericsson's stock

CEO: Börje Ekholm
Chairman: Jan Carlson

Nominating committee representative: Bengt Kjell
Board member with ties to Industrivärden: Helena Stjernholm

Last update: Jul 8, 2024