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Industrivärden as an employer

Industrivärden has a well adapted and cost-efficient organization that is characterized by high flexibility and short decision-making channels. Operations including approximately 15 employees, eight board members and an extensive network. Internal work is project-oriented, and most employees are involved in both the investment and active ownership processes.

HR manager

Professional and successful ownership operation requires competent and committed employees as well as an attractive and dynamic workplace. Major emphasis is therefore put on the recruiting process, competence development and a good company culture. Industrivärden’s ethical values and ambitions as an employer are set out in the Company’s Code of Conduct, which addresses areas such as the work environment, diversity and business ethics. The employees’ total compensation shall be in line with the going rate in the market and competitive.

Industrivärden's operations are conducted at the offices in Stockholm, Sweden and the organization is described in detail on the Organization page. 


Corporate Culture

Industrivärden's value base is described in the company's code of conduct, which is available on the Code of Conduct page.

Personal Development

All employees have continuous appraisals with their immediate superiors. This dialog aims to assess the past year, set up individual targets and to determine relevant development measures.


As part of its endeavor to recruit and retain talented employees, Industrivärden strives to offer its employees a compensation package that is in line with the going rate in the market, consisting of base salary, a variable salary component, incentive programs and pension benefits. 

Recruitment process and job applications

The recruitment process is adapted to the specific role under recruitment and therefore varies on a case by case basis. If you want to apply for an advertised role or show your interest, you are welcome to send your CV and your application to Industrivärden's HR Manager, see contacts on this page. All applications are handled in a structured way, and we attach great importance to education and past experiences, but also to personality, motivation and values.

Last update: Jun 13, 2023