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Share structure

Industrivärden's stock

At year-end 2021 Industrivärden’s market capitalization was SEK 123.8 billion. Trading volume in Industrivärden shares on the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 2021 totaled SEK 57 billion (55), corresponding to a turnover rate of 43% (31%) for the Class A shares and 61% (93%) for the Class C shares. Average daily trading volume was approximately 407,000 Class A shares and approximately 362,000 Class C shares.

Industrivärden’s Class A and C shares had standard deviations of 19.7% and 20.3%, respectively, and beta values of 0.95% and 0.95%, respectively, for the full year 2021.

Share structure

At year-end 2021 the share capital totaled SEK 1,088 M, distributed among 431,899,108 registered shares with a share quota value of SEK 2.52. Each Class A share carries entitlement to one vote, and each Class C share carries entitlement to 1/10 of a vote. All shares carry equal entitlement to the Company’s assets, earnings and dividends. 

Share structure on January 31, 2023

Share structure No. shares No. Votes Capital, % Votes, %
A (1 vote) 260,743,503 260,743,503 60.4 93.8
C (1/10 vote) 171,155,605 17,115,560 39.6 6.2
Total 431,899,108 277,859,063 100.0 100.0


Industrivärden had approximately 199,000 shareholders (204,000) on September 30, 2022.

A significant majority of the number of shareholders are private persons, while a significant share of the capital is owned by institutional owners such as pension and asset management companies, and foundations. Foreign shareholders own 25% (27%) of the capital on September 30, 2022.

Reduction of share capital through cancelation of received Industrivärden shares

On October 21, 2021, an Extraordinary General Meeting in Handelsbanken resolved to distrubute an extra dividend to its shareholders, in the form of Industrivärden Class A shares, whereby Industrivärden received 3,310,769 of its own Class A shares. 

In order to ensure that Industrvärden's shareholders could best utilize the value of the received distribution, the Board proposed a reduction of the share capital through cancelation of the received Industrivärden shares, as well as a corresponding increase of the share capital through a bonus issue. An Extraordinary General Meeting in Industrivärden on November 23, 2021, resolved in accordance with the Board's proposal. These actions means that the company's share capital is unchanged.


During the last ten-year period the average annual total return for Industrivärden’s Class A and C shares was 16% and 17%, respectively, compared with 17% for the total return index (SIXRX).

Value performance

Annual average change on September 30, 2022

      Total return  

Net Asset Value*

Industrivärden C

Index (SIXRX)



2022, 9 months






1 year






3 years






5 years






7 years






10 years





* Including reinvested dividend

Employee ownership

Industrivärden encourages its employees to make personal investments in Industrivärden shares, as this aligns the interests of the Company’s employees with other shareholders. The long-term incentive programs adopted by the Annual General Meeting make up part of the employees’ total compensation and also aim to increase employees’ ownership of stock in the Company. Information on the incentive programs and on shareholdings of board members and members of the Executive Management is provided below.


Trading per marketplace as per December 31, 2021

Shareholder structure as per December 31, 2021

No. shares No. shareholders Capital, %
1-500 181,722 3
501-1,000 9,379 2
1,001-5,000 10,303 5
5,001-10,000 1,364 2
10,001-15,000 431 1
15,001-20,000 202 1
20,001- 650 86


Last update: 31 Jan 2023