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SCA is a leading forest and forest products company that, with Europe’s largest private forest holdings, conducts resource-efficient operations to generate the highest possible value in and from the forest.

SCA’s business model aims to provide the company’s customers with renewable products based on raw materials from responsibly managed forests and an integrated, well invested and resource-efficient value chain. With growing forests and renewable products, SCA also contributes to a circular society and the sequestering of carbon dioxide.

SCA’s business strategy is to grow the renewable forest asset, invest in the integrated value chain, and achieve a high degree of self-sufficiency in raw materials, energy and logistics. SCA owns and manages forestland in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, conducts sawmill and wood processing operations, and produces pulp and packaging paper. The company also has expanding business activities in renewable energy including wind power, biofuels and solid biofuels.

Active owner position since 1950.

Growth in value, SCA's stock

CEO: Ulf Larsson
Chairman: Pär Boman

Nominating committee representative: Bengt Kjell
Board members with ties to Industrivärden:  Pär Boman and Karl Åberg

Last update: Mar 20, 2024