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Year-End Report 2020; January 1–December 31, 2020

  • Net asset value on December 31, 2020, was SEK 121.2 billion, or SEK 279 per share, an increase during the year of SEK 20 per share. Including reinvested dividend, net asset value increased by 8%. On February 8, 2021, net asset value was SEK 297 per share.
  • The total return for 2020 was 18% for the Class A and the Class C shares, compared with 15% for the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s total return index (SIXRX).
  • Earnings per share during 2020 were SEK 19.39.
  • During 2020, shares were purchased in Volvo A for SEK 2.1 billion, in Essity B for SEK 0.9 billion, in Handelsbanken A for SEK 0.6 billion, in SCA B for SEK 0.4 billion and in Sandvik for SEK 0.3 billion. Furthermore, shares were divested in, Essity A for SEK 0.2 billion.
  • The debt-equities ratio as per December 31, 2020, was 6%.
  • Due to the prevailing uncertainty caused by the COVID-19-pandemic the Annual General Meeting 2020 decided to not pay any dividend for 2019, in accordance with the Boards’ proposal.
  • The Board of Directors proposes an ordinary dividend of SEK 6.25 per share (0.00) and an extra dividend of SEK 2.00 per share.       

This information is such that AB Industrivärden is required to make public pursuant to the EU Market Abuse Regulation and the Securities Markets Act. The information was submitted for publication, through the agency of the Head of Corporate Communication and Sustainability, at 1:20 p.m. CET on February 9, 2021. Sverker Sivall, Head of Corporate Communications and Sustainability, Phone: +46-8-666 64 19, Email: ssl@industrivarden.se