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Development steps 2020

Further development of Industrivärden’s sustainability analysis

With a base in Industrivärden’s integrated framework for its sustainability analysis, during 2020 a more in-depth review of the portfolio companies’ sustainability work was begun. This process will continue in 2021. Influencing activities are conducted within the framework of active ownership.

Indicators for monitoring the portfolio companies’ sustainability work

As part of Industrivärden’s sustainability reporting, indicators and examples have been drawn up regarding the portfolio companies’ sustainability work. The aim is to be able to monitor development in central areas over the long term.

More in-depth stakeholder dialogues

During 2020 Industrivärden’s stakeholder dialogues were broadened with respect to target groups and levels. This work has increased the Company’s own knowledge and ensures an accurate picture of expectations from the outside world on Industrivärden as a long-term owner. These dialogues in 2020 have resulted in, among other things, a clearer description of the Company’s carbon footprint.

Last update: 04 Mar 2021