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Mission, objective and strategy

Business Mission

To conduct long-term value-creating asset management through active ownership. The mission is based on Industrivärden’s relative strengths, including a long-term investment perspective, strong positions of influence, a well-developed ownership model, depth of industrial knowledge and experience, financial strength and an extensive network.


The long-term objective is to increase net asset value and thereby generate a return for Industrivärden’s shareholders that exceeds the market’s required rate of return. Taking into account the risk profile of the portfolio’s investments, the shareholders are to be given a total return which over time is higher than the average for the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Read more about the Stock performance.


The business mission is carried out with a foundation in the Company’s investment activities and active ownership role.

  • Evaluation of the shareholdings are built upon a structured process of continuous analysis and evaluation of existing and potential investment alternatives. The estimated return potential for existing investments is to be compared with the return potential for possible investment alternatives under evaluation, taking into account continuity and long-term perspective.
  • Industrivärden shall conduct active ownership in the respective portfolio companies with a view to contribute to competitive growth in value over time.


Operations shall be conducted with high integrity and a sustainable approach.

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Last update: 07 Mar 2022