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SCA is a leading forest and forest products company that owns 2.6 million hectares of environmentally certified forestland in northern Sweden, and 30,000 hectares of forestland in Estonia and Latvia, making up the largest private forest holdings in Europe.

With this unique resource as a foundation, SCA has developed a well-invested and resource-efficient industry designed to generate the highest possible value from the forest, where the entire tree is used to create value. The company’s products include solidwood products, pulp, kraftliner, publication papers and renewable energy. SCA creates value and contributes to a circular society by providing customers sustainable products based on raw material from responsibly managed forests and a resource-efficient value chain. The strategy is to focus on selected markets and product categories, use innovation to develop new business opportunities, and continuously improve efficiency.

Operations are organized in four segments. The Forest segment manages SCA’s forestland, of which 2 million hectares are used for timber production for SCA’s forest industries. Roughly an equal amount of timber that is harvested from its own forests is purchased from other forest owners. The Timber segment includes five sawmills in Sweden, wood processing units with planing mills in Sweden, the UK and France, and distribution and wholesale operations. The Pulp segment produces sulfate pulp and chemi-thermomechanical pulp (CTMP), which is made at the Östrand pulp mill. The Paper segment produces containerboard in Obbola and Munksund, and publishing papers in Ortviken, which are used for magazines, catalogs and advertising brochures.

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Last update: 04 Mar 2020