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Handelsbanken offers high-quality financial services to private and corporate customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK and the Netherlands. The bank has a local presence and nationwide branch networks in its respective home markets.

Handelsbanken has a decentralized work approach based on the core principle that responsibility for each customer rests with the local branch where the customer lives or does business. This enables close and enduring customer relationships that are characterized by availability, simplicity and a high standard of service. The branches set locally adapted priorities with respect to their customer categories and product areas. Handelsbanken is developing its service offering for digital platforms as well as the local customer meeting, which complement each other. Through consistent application of this highly effective business model, Handelsbanken has achieved competitive profitability, a strong financial position, high customer satisfaction and leading market positions. The business is growing internationally in pace with establishment and development of the business model in selected markets.

Handelsbanken is run with long-term stable finances, low risk tolerance, low costs and focus on achieving the highest level of capital efficiency possible. A sustainable, keen ability to create value for customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders is a central component in Handelsbanken’s work on running a modern and sustainable bank. For many years Handelsbanken has had an industry-leading position with respect to customer satisfaction, loan losses, cost effectiveness and profitability.

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Last update: 09 Mar 2020