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Handelsbanken offers high-quality financial services to private and corporate customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, the UK and the Netherlands. With a foundation in a distinct customer focus, the bank has established competitive profitability, a strong financial position, high customer satisfaction and leading market positions.

Handelsbanken’s work approach is characterized by availability, simplicity and a high level of service. The bank’s core customers include private persons, property companies and owner-led companies. Under the direction of the local branches, these customers are offered advice in person as well as in virtual meetings and digital channels. The bank’s offering is focused on various forms of financing solutions, savings and investment solutions, and payments.

Handelsbanken adheres to sustainability practices and is run with long-term stable finances, low risk tolerance, low costs and focus on achieving the highest level of capital efficiency possible. A sustainable, keen ability to create value for customers, shareholders, employees and other stakeholders is a central component in Handelsbanken’s work on running a modern and sustainable bank. For many years Handelsbanken has had an industry-leading position with respect to customer satisfaction, credit losses, cost effectiveness and profitability

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Active ownership in practice

In its capacity as a long-term active owner, Industrivärden engages itself in the portfolio companies’ strategic development. Against the backdrop of the Company’s business model, this concerns mainly matters pertaining to the portfolio companies’ boards and management teams, financial development and matters such as strategy, market position, efficiency, capital structure and more. Following are a few examples of important corporate governance matters and significant strategic activities for long-term value creation that the respective portfolio companies have taken in recent years, where Industrivärden has played an active role through work on the board and nomination committees.

Value-creating measures

  • Election of Pär Boman as Chairman in 2015
  • Numerous new directors elected to board
  • Appointment of Carina Åkerström as CEO in 2019
  • Appointment of new and more concentrated executive management team
  • Focusing of business and stronger focus on costs
  • Strategic initiatives for business development and efficiency improvement
  • Adaptation to changed customer behaviors through faster pace of development and consolidation to fewer number of branches
  • Adoption of higher sustainability requirements, covering approximately 90% of fund volume
  • Successful development of business in UK and of savings business
  • Higher growth ambitions in core home mortgage business
  • Good adaptation to regulatory changes and increased capital requirements


  • Greater focus on cost efficiency and opportunities provided by digitalization
  • Higher earnings and stronger platform for value-creating growth 


Last update: 05 Mar 2021