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Industrivärden’s business model entails sizable ownership positions in a concentrated portfolio of listed companies with favorable value potential. Over time the respective investments shall contribute to growth in net asset value with a view to generate a competitive total return for Industrivärden’s stock. The long-term ownership perspective entails a natural orientation towards sustainable development and long-term value-creating measures in the portfolio companies.

Evaluation of the shareholdings is built upon a structured process of continuous analysis of existing and alternative investments with focus on the respective investments’ long-term return potential. This analysis is grounded in Industrivärden’s investment criteria.

Towards the goal of achieving Industrivärden’s longterm objectives, each individual portfolio investment shall over time contribute to a competitive total return. The active ownership strategy conveys a long investment horizon. The return potential for investments in the portfolio companies is therefore continuously evaluated over a time horizon of three to five years. Major emphasis is put on comparisons with the estimated return potential for investment alternatives, taking into account continuity and long-term perspective.

With a foundation in Industrivärden’s analysis, transaction plans for future purchases and sales of stocks are continuously updated. These plans cover transactions in existing portfolio companies as well as divestments of entire holdings or investments in new portfolio companies.


Industrivärden's equities portfolio is shown in the table below. Further information about the respective portfolio companies can be found under the menu Equities portfolio.

14_Fördelning aktieinnehav_ENG.png

Criteria for the Company’s shareholdings


  • Listed Nordic companies
  • Proven business model
  • Strong market positions
  • Clear potential for profitable growth

Ownership position

  • Significant influence: at least 10% of votes and representation on nominating committee and board

Return potential

  • Long-term attractive return potential with balanced risk that can be realized through active ownership
  • Competitive return at balanced risk
Last update: 24 Oct 2022