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Directors' fees

The Nominating Committee, which has been appointed in the manner decided by the Annual General Meeting (AGM), submits recommendations for directors’ fees to the AGM. Fees were issued to the Chairman of the Board and other directors in accordance with an AGM resolution. A fee of SEK 2.1 M (2.0) was issued to the Chairman of the Board, and a fee of SEK 1.2 M (1.2) was issued to the Vice Chairman. A fee of SEK 0.6 M (0.6) was issued to each of the other directors. Total fees paid to the members of the Board of Directors in 2019 amounted to SEK 5.8 M (5.6). No fees are paid for committee work.

Compensation of the CEO and other members of the Executive Management is based on the guidelines adopted by the 2019 AGM. The Compensation Committee submits a recommendation to the Board on the CEO’s compensation and draws up, in consultation with the CEO, criteria for compensation for the other members of the Executive Management.

Last update: 25 Feb 2020